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Our Work

A Brighter Financial Future

FLY was created by youth for youth. Our goal is to "connect the dots" between financial literacy programs and youth development organizations in a peer-to-peer style to create opportunities where they may have never existed. By partnering with established curriculum developers, FLY brings crucial financial knowledge to youth across the USA and beyond. 

The curriculum

FLY brings a whole new perspective to the way financial education is presented to youth. The one difference: FLY makes financial literacy fun. To begin, FLY's youth instructors are all high school students, which creates the significant youth-to-youth bond between our volunteers and the children of our community. Rather than listening to monotonous lectures, our youth participants engage in active discussions, exciting and relevant games, and educational online activities. By making the concepts of financial literacy interesting and fun, we believe that our work has the potential to positively impact students for the rest of their lives.

FLY Instructors

FLY's volunteer body consists of motivated high school students who are interested in joining a movement, having an impact, and changing lives forever. Our instructors go through multiple orientations and training sessions as to ensure the best possible experience for all students. Our organization also has a body of adult advisors who assist us in the process of spreading financial knowledge. If you are interested in joining FLY, please click here.

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