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Our Impact

Since its inception, Financial Literacy for You has significantly expanded to reach many communities from coast to coast and beyond the USA. With plans to continue growth and outreach, FLY's mission remains to seek new opportunities in every community that lacks access to financial knowledge. Come FLY With Us, and we can prepare the next generation for a brighter financial future.

Youth Reached


"I want to send out my heartfelt gratitude to the Financial Literacy and You (FLY) team. I feel honored and proud to have a small part in the success you have had in teaching middle school students about Financial Literacy.  The vision of the FLY program exceeding my highest expectations from my previous students. They never let me down in middle school and have soared to new heights in high school. I feel delighted and privileged to have contributed in a small way to the program’s success by giving them a platform to teach the lessons.  I highly recommend all middle schools adopt and use the FLY lessons to fulfil the Economic Standard requirements. The interest from my students was impressive and the way the team was able to make the lessons relatable to my students was extraordinary."

Denise Colter

8th Grade History Teacher

Marina Village Middle School, El Dorado Hills, CA

"Members of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento Teichert Teen program participated in a semester-long financial literacy program, Financial Literacy for You (FLY), facilitated by high school volunteers through the Junior Achievement program. Students through the FLY program learned about important personal finance skills. Club members participated in sessions that covered budgeting, credit card basics, how to open a bank account, and how to set successful financial goals. These skills will enable our members to make sound financial decisions throughout their lives. We thank FLY for helping our members reach their full potential!"


Kimberly Key


Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento

Jon Rango


Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento

Lisa Spiegler

Area Director

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento

"Financial Literacy is a critical life skill and the key is starting early. Middle school is the right age in this digital fast-paced age. Students need to learn the basic skills before they reach high school. As a career investment professional, it warms my heart to hear that Financial Literacy for You and Junior Achievement of Sacramento are connecting with students and providing solid learning lessons for financial literacy. A middle school student's investment in a little time to learn some financial literacy today will pay back multiples of return over their lifetime."

Christopher Ailman

Chief Investment Officer


"I have taught finance to my college students for the past forty years. Financial literacy is a skill that everyone uses at every stage of his or her life. And the sooner our students learn the basics at the high school level, the more they can learn at the university level and beyond.  As part of my research, I have also noticed that financial literacy has a direct correlation to individuals achievements and success. When we saw Sohil was describing the goals of "Financial Literacy For You Organization," my wife and I were pleased to donate to their organization- the organization that we believe addresses a critical issue that secures our students' future prosperity."

Hamid Ahmadi


Professor of Finance

Fly in the Community

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